Korean Cultural Festival 2013 Cherish. Tradition. Embrace. Future.

The Virtual Concert

Highlights from KCF60 한국문화제 하이라이트

Re-enactment of the Traditional Marriage Ceremony 전통혼례식 - Empty Heart (Live Music by Sigimsae)

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Heart's Way 마음길

accompanied by a scene from K-drama "대왕의 꿈"

Diary in Autumn - Rose Jang 가을의 일기-백도라지

accompanied by a scene from K-drama "해를 품은 달"

P'ansori and Kayageum Sanjo 고고천변 (수궁가에서), 가야금 산조

Prelude from Suite No 3 for Cello Solo, J. S. Bach

Improvisations by Paintbrush Orchestra

Samulnori 사물노리

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Korean Drum Dance 삼고무

J-Trad Improvisations

My Favorite Things

Lullaby of Takeda

Sarabande from Suite No 5 for Cello Solo, J. S. Bach

Korean Barcarolle and Goong Taryrong 뱃노래 - 궁타령

New Arirang 신아리랑

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Grand Finale pieces (뱃노래-궁타령-신아리랑-아리랑)

arranged by 한테라 - 심규민 - Yeonathan Shachar - 정은혜

A Tribute to Nam June Paik 백남준 트리뷰트 (Live Music by Paintbrush Orchestra)

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The Teaser Videos

Teaser Video : Introducing the musicians of KCF60

Teaser Video : Midnight "New Arirang" session at Berklee

Teaser Video : Empty Heart session at Berklee

Audio/Video Technical Notes

The videos were captured by three cameras operated by Sang Kim, Shinhyuk Park and John Choi. The equipments were Canon EOS 5D, Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Sony NEX VG900 which also captured the primary audio used in the final video. The multi-angle editing and production of the final videos were done by Seungoh Ryu using the Final Cut Pro on a Mac Pro. During the concert, the audio was engineered by Jeremy Khang and Hyungoo Choi. The background slides were operated by Jinhong Kim. Video broadcasting was supervised by Song He. The lights were operated by Jae Chung and Minchul Song and associates.

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